Incoming Board Members 2011-2013. Chairperson Hon. Kasamba Mathias on extreme right. Staff of Parliament SACCO. L-R is Mr Mureebe (Manager), Agaba Herbert (Accountant) and Adocci Daniel (Loans Officer) Outgoing  Chairperson Hon. Akwero Odwong Jane receiving a plaque for her satisfying work.

Why should one join Parliamentarians SACCO?

It is democratic, it is transparent, member owned, member controlled and it pays to belong to it!


Parliamentarians SACCO is a success story whose concept was conceived by a few members of Parliament of Uganda in December 2002. Presently, (eight years down the road), the SACCO has established it’s roots firmly and is set to solve it’s members social and economic problems / challenges.

Our Mission

To be a member owned Financial Institution set up to mobilize Parliamentarians, other members and their resources to provide quality and accessible financial services for their economic and social development.


Office Location / Contact