About Us


Parliamentarians SACCO is a success story whose concept was conceived by a few members of Parliament of Uganda in December 2002. Presently, the SACCO has established it’s roots firmly and is set to solve it’s members social and economic problems.


To be a member owned financial institution set up to mobilize Parliamentarians, other members and their resources to provide quality and accessible financial services for their economic and social development.

Legal Status

Parliamentarians SACCO was registered in March 2003 under the Co-operative societies statute 1991 by the Registrar of co-operatives. Consequently, it is bound by the co-operative statute 1991 and regulated by the co-operative regulations 1992. It has a set of Bye-laws adopted by it’s members.

Membership Eligibility

  • Members of Parliament of Uganda.
  • Former members of Parliament.
  • East African Legislative Assembly MPs.
  • Parliamentary staff.
  • Member’s spouse or biological children.

Financial Obligations

Entrance / Membership Fee Shs. 100,000. Share Capital (5 shares each at UGX 100,000. Find out more).